Day 118

Things are blooming all over! Snapped this up on the campus where I work.

Day 117

Kyle just started to spontaneously giggle while brushing his teeth this morning, so I had to take a picture of his giggle fit.

Day 116

These are the little treats I made to put in the break room to try to raise money for the MS Walk.


Day 115

There was bumper-to-bumper traffic on the race track tonight.

Day 114

We went to Hy-Vee for a steak supper (because that's how classy we are) and Kyle got a balloon.

Day 113

Troy sent me these flowers to cheer me up.


Day 112

I love how the cardinal looks like he's looking at me like, "WTF you doin'?"

p.s. obviously, I'm experimenting with how I present my photos on my blog. Whatcha think?


Addendum (dum de dum dum): Lest you worry that I don't spend enough time obsessing about stupid things, chew on this: While sipping some iced tea this afternoon, post-lunch, I had a flash of unabashed panic.

(Allow me to interrupt myself for just one minute to say that I'm loving that internal rhyme: flash of unabashed...)

Panic is pretty common in my life. This time, the panic was over my use of the word sidenote as a single word rather than two. The spell-checker, diligent and well-meaning as it is, had flagged it as a misspelled word. And yet, in my fuzzy headed, head cold state, I had ignored the ominous red underline and PUBLISHED IT ANYWAY.

Ack! Rule breaker!

But as I savored my McD's sweet tea (delicious, by the way, but that's a whole other post) I got cold feet. What if the three people who read my blog were to notice my indiscretion! Oh, how my fingers ached to sneak back into my blog and add that space.

Luckily, I had a moment of rare clarity (more internal rhymes!) and calmly logged on to consult with my best friend, Merriam-Webster Unabridged. Yes, it's true. I spend money out of my own pocket to subscribe to the online unabridged dictionary. And it's some of the best money I've ever spent.

Much to my surprise, I discovered that the spell-checker was wrong. Alack and alas. So my so-called error was a nonexistent one. Whew! So now you know: sidenote is in fact one single, solid, unbroken word. No space. Not even a little bitty hyphen. Won't you sleep better tonight?

I know I will.

And now I have wasted far too much of my time and yours on an entry about stuffing Kleenex into one's orifices. Time you'll never have back. Bwahahahaha!


Day 111

I love all the spring buds!

Day 110

I stayed home sick today . . . again. I might have to start taking a chicken noodle soup IV.

Day 109

I did not take a picture on April 19. I spent the day napping on the couch, miserable.

Day 108

It looks like a deer antler, doesn't it? It's actually some kind of bush.

Day 107

Kyle just chilling out.

Musings by Meg

I dream of living in a world where it is socially and professionally acceptable to sit at my desk, in my cube, at my job with a wad of Kleenex stuffed up my stuffed-up nose.

Failing that, I want to work from the privacy of my own home, where I can stuff all the Kleenex up my nose that I want, and nobody could judge me for that because nobody could see me.

As a sidenote: Why does stuffing Kleenex up your nose have to be so wrong when it feels SO RIGHT? Seriously. It's the only thing that feels remotely soothing when one's nose is simultaneously stuffed up and running. Am I right? Amiright?


Day 106

Kyle and I spent some time outside while he rode his big wheel up and down the sidewalk. I'm so happy that he is finally liking his trikes now that he has learned how to pedal and steer.

Day 105

Kyle's shoes were still wet in the morning, so I got my way. We went that afternoon to buy new shoes. Of course, he chose the exact same kind that he had before. He wouldn't even look at any other styles.


Day 104

We went to Spring Lake Park today, and Kyle insisted on checking out the lake. It was more than a little muddy. First he fell down in it, then he got his shoe stuck. He thought it was hilarious. I want to buy him new shoes.

Day 103

This is Kyle's fishing game. From this angle, the fish look rather ominous, don't they?


What I Hate about Easter

No matter how careful I am, no matter how much I try to hide the Easter baskets to keep them away from the kitties, the cats always manage to find some of that damn Easter grass, eat it, and puke it up in a spot where I am certain to step in it. Every dang year. You'd think I'd learn and just skip the Easter grass, but no, I'm thick and stubborn that way. And what is an Easter basket without cheap plastic grass?

Day 102

A close-up of eggs from Kyle's Easter basket. Kyle helped me dye the eggs. We had to go on a last-minute quest for egg dye because the box that Troy bought ended up being completely empty. Very odd!

Day 101

Kyle has been obsessed with scorpions, so we bought him this sucker with an actual scorpion in it. This is about as far as he got before he decided he really didn't want to eat the scorpion after all.

Day 100

The first blossoms of spring in my little garden.

Day 99

The King is alive!

Day 98

This was downtown on Fremont Street. I really love the neon signs.

Day 97

The Neon Boneyard was one of my favorite places we visited in Vegas. I could have spent all day there taking pictures.

Day 96

This was taken at the Valley of Fire. I thought the rock looked like a spaceship.

Day 95

I did not take a photo on April 5. I was too busy getting to Vegas.