Day 160

I love peonies, but they're always covered with ants.

Day 159

At least somebody is using the treadmill. Don't worry, we use all the safety devices so that he can't turn it on when we're not around.

Day 158

Troy's grandmother, Gert, passed away Friday. The funeral was Monday. This is the flower from Kyle that was on her casket.

Day 157

Kyle wearing Grandpa John's hat. He loves to wear Grandpa's hats.

Day 156

Kyle chilling out and drinking some juice before bedtime.

Day 155

I did not take a photo on June 5.

Day 154

Cora (and Ruby too, not pictured) were at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight, so Kyle and I headed up there for supper and some playtime. Here, Kyle, Cora, and Grandpa were playing count the cars, which involved watching for certain colored cars to drive past. Kyle and Cora were having so much fun. I love the excited look on Cora's face in this photo.

Day 153

Kyle has started playing a bit more with his pirate ship. He walks the little pirates around and says, "Avast ye scurvy dog. Aarrgh!"

Day 152

Kyle discovered the joy of popping bubble wrap.

Day 151

Kyle was so happy to have the pool set up, he didn't mind swimming in the sub-zero frigid water.

Day 150

I did not take a picture on May 31.

Day 149

This is a painted daisy that I have growing along the side of the house. Ain't it purty?

Day 148

I did not take a photo on May 29.

Day 147

Kyle decided to play buffalos tonight. I got to be the daddy (the one in the middle), and Kyle was the mommy and the little boy (I don't know which one is which). Our tasks involved going to the scorpion store, waking mommy up from her nap, and returning a bald monkey to the jungle. All in a day's work for a buffalo, I suppose!

Day 146

I did not take a picture on May 27.

Day 146

For Christmas a few years ago, my brother-in-law gave me a copy of the book I wrote about Ella Fitzgerald framed along with her autograph. I love it!