Hurricane Kyle could soon become a reality!

One of Kyle's nicknames has been Hurricane Kyle. He can move through a room with about the same amount of force and destruction.

Now it looks like there could be a real hurricane named after him! Look out, world!


I killed Tom Brady

I'm not really sure how this happened. One minute, I'm all, "Well, if you really need somebody, I suppose . . . as long as Bob isn't in it . . . maybe . . . but I don't know . . ." And the next minute everyone's all, "Welcome to the league!"

And now I am the lone female owner in Troy's fantasy football league. 

I'm not clueless when it comes to football. I've diligently watched the Vikings blow leads for several years now. I've cheered for Troy's fantasy teams. I've watched ESPN. Heck, I even watched part of the draft. 

I used to pretend to play along. It was like fantasy fantasy football. Because that's just how non-committal I can be (just ask Troy about being engaged to be engaged). I'd look through everyone's lineups and pick a team for the week. Some weeks, I tried to stack my team with all the superstars (going by the scientific premise that if I had heard the guy's name, then he was probably pretty good). Then the next week, I'd pick based on who had the coolest names. It didn't really matter, because I still usually lost. Or fake lost, since I wasn't really playing.

When it came time to pick my real fantasy team, I was really nervous. I didn't do any prep work ahead of the draft. I trusted the cheat sheets that Troy printed out for me online, and I depended on Troy's advice as we went through the draft.

I had fourth overall pick. My choice came down to Joseph Addai or Tom Brady. I actually stewed over this for awhile. Addai was ranked higher on my cheat sheet than Brady, but not by a whole lot. Troy assured me Brady would not be a stupid pick. Then I thought about all those touchdown passes to Randy Moss last season, and I figured I'd really kick myself if I passed on Brady.

Plus, Brady is kind of cute. (There, I admit it. I picked him because I think he's cute. That's not the only reason, but it was a factor. If he were ugly, I might have gone with Addai.)

So, I went with Brady. I imagine at that moment, all the way in New England, Brady felt a strange, sharp pain in his knee and a horrible sense of foreboding. 

You're welcome, Joseph Addai.

Because it only took 16 minutes for Brady's season to come to an abrupt end. And it's all my fault.

I swear, next year, if I'm crazy enough to do this again, I'm going to pick an all-a$$hole team. All the jerkfaces that I hate. Terrell Owens. Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco. Michael Vick, if any team takes him after he's out of prison. Then I won't be disappointed when they're lost for the season.

The only way I could feel better about this situation would be if Addai goes down too. Is that horrible of me or what?

I did end up winning my first-ever real fantasy game. (Thank God we use team quarterbacks, so even after Brady went out, his back-up still earned me some points.) But the rest of the season is looking dismal.

Not that that's going to stop me from blogging about it.

Week One: Best call of the week

during the Detroit-Atlanta game: 
"Kitna has a wide-open tight end."

I swear, this joke never gets old. 


That New Crayon Smell

I love back-to-school time, especially now that I don't have to go back to school. But there's a feeling of change in the air, of old friends and new beginnings. As a teacher, Troy doesn't exactly share my sentiments at this time of year. He spent most of last night curled up in a fetal position. 

Even though Kyle is not in school yet, I try to take advantage of all the sales by stocking up on arts and crafts supplies for Kyle. Last week I bought him some new crayons. I only got the 24-count size because that was what was on sale. And Kyle doesn't really give a darn about coloring. This makes me so sad. I try to get him interested, but he doesn't like to do it.

I think part of the problem is that he has inherited the ice cream bucket full of old crayons left over from Troy's childhood. "They were good enough for me!" Troy insists. But I don't think Troy realizes that crayons age. And they just don't color very well anymore. Kyle doesn't have the patience or the dexterity to use them. He can't push hard enough to make a mark.

I am anxiously awaiting the day when I can buy Kyle the giant 64-count box. Again, Troy thinks this is excessive. He made it through school with the small box, and so can Kyle. And yeah, look at how much joy Troy gets from art now. None. I hope Kyle can grow up with a better feeling about art. And that starts with the 64-count crayons. 

Or those 150-count towers. Now, those really rock. 

I found a quiz at the Crayola site where you can test your knowledge of all 64 colors. Try it out for yourself here. I got 12 wrong, but it's not my fault. I don't think the color is calibrated correctly on my monitor. Plus, a bunch of the colors are new since I last got a fresh box of crayons. 

Let me know your score, and have fun coloring!

Daily Show Video


New pictures at Multiply

I have posted the rest of my August 2008 photos here at Multiply. (I know there are a bunch of blank ones--ignore those for now and I'll try to fix the problem from my home computer.)


Stop that, Mommy! You'll break it!

Kyle has a video of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom that we found at the Salvation Army. He loves it. We can no longer just read the book--we have to sing it.

It's a catchy enough tune, but I need to sing along with it more to really learn it. Unfortunately, he doesn't like it when I sing along. Yesterday he actually told me, "Stop that, Mommy! You'll break it!"

Me: "I'll break the tape?"

Kyle: "Yes!"

Oh gee, I didn't think I was that bad. I know I'm not the next American Idol, but c'mon.

Anyway, here is the video of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for your viewing pleasure.