Day 83

I call this one my witness protection portrait.

Day 82

Kyle's been into Candy Land lately. Only he doesn't really play it; he just moves the little figures all over the board.

Day 81

Day 80

Kyle had his best friend, Blake, over for his first ever playdate. Here, they were all strapped in and ready to go on a bike ride with Troy.

Day 79

three of Kyle's Thomas toys

Day 78

Kyle's latest skill involves using a mouse to play on the computer. Thank goodness! That means we are spared having to play his incredibly boring alphabet game. Independence rocks!

Day 77

Kyle was feeling under the weather in the evening, but was fine by morning, thank goodness.

Day 76

My March Madness bracket. In my defense, there was codeine involved.

Day 75

I did not take a photo on March 16. I was too sick.

Day 74

Gotta love bronchitis.

Day 73

Kyle thinks its funny when his butt gets stuck in buckets.

Day 72

Proof--not only am I a winner, but I am the funniest winner. We had a contest for 6-word stories at work, and my "New carpet. New couch. Stupid cat" was voted funniest.

Day 71

This is the pasta salad I made to bring to our editorial department potluck. I was a little disappointed with how it came out--a little bland.

Day 70

The sundogs were beautiful that morning, even if it was effin' cold.

Day 69

If all else fails, take a picture of Doris.

Day 68

My new purse

Day 67

Kyle really gets into his music.

Days 65 and 66

I did not take pictures on March 6 or March 7. Shame on me.

Day 64

Could you say no to those eyes? I thought not.


That's What I Want, Etsy Edition

Have you ever shopped at Etsy? If not, you are really missing out. So many unique and awesome handmade crafts and items. I can spend hours browsing through the galleries. True, I've never actually bought anything from there, but I really, really want to. And the prices are usually pretty reasonable too. Here is a small selection of what I covet.

Vulture Mug in Porcelain--$25 by laurawallstaylor

Doodled-on Indiana University Yearbook Purse--$28 by estarr

Bookshelf Pillowcase--$10 by makesomethingnew

4. Monster Fleece Fingerless Gloves/Wristwarmers--$22.99 by BoysenberryLane

5. Squirrel Vase--$48 by prettyrandomobjects

6. Foks--$58 by celapiu

7. Crazy Love Card--$3 by upup

8. Darla the Steering Wheel Buddy--$35 by PeculiarCreations

9. Catnip Eyeballs--$10 by hannapt

10. Looking Forward to Spring laptop skin--$24 by lilypang

11. Cat Collars--$11 by TheModernPet

A Major Award onesie--$18 by bambinamia

13. My Love print--$20 by vol25


Day 63

My doodles at work. The photo turned out blurry--I'm a bit disappointed. Oh well.

Day 62

Kyle insisted on sleeping on the floor the other night. By morning, however, we found him back in his bed.

Day 61

Kyle in Daddy's boots...