Day 145

Kyle and I made ice cream cone cupcakes. Yummy!

Day 144

We returned to the carnival, and Kyle enjoyed all the rides for a second time. Here he is on a motorcycle.


Day 143

There were a few drops left on the plants after an overnight rainstorm. I thought they made for a pretty picture.

Day 142

The carnival is set up at the Madison East parking lot. Kyle loves it. Here he is enjoying the rollercoaster.

Day 141

The neighbor's hydrangea bush is in full bloom.

Day 140

I hadn't taken a picture yet that day, and instead of hunting down Doris, I just snapped a quick one of Kyle. He was headed upstairs for bedtime.

Day 139

Kyle was crying because he had to come inside after playing with his new friend, Isaac.

Day 138

I collect things that say "JOY"--they remind me of my goal to keep my house and my life full of joy.

Day 137

I did not take a photo on May 17. I'm so ashamed.

Day 136

Kyle likes to hang out at Barnes and Noble and play with their Thomas the Tank Engine train table. It's one of our regular destinations.

Day 135

I did not take a photo on May 15. Shame on me.

Day 134

The front of our refrigerator--chaos, just like the rest of our life.

Day 133

When we first moved in, there were bunches of irises that would grow in our garden. They've thinned out quite a bit, but I still enjoy the ones that do bloom.

Day 132

Whenever it is late at night and I realize I haven't taken a photo yet, Doris is my go-to subject. She's easier to find than Loki, and easier to photograph too. This one cracks me up, though, because it looks like she's trying to communicate with her mother ship.


Day 131

Remember those eggs? Well, they hatched!

Day 130

The next day, Bingo got some exercise by running along behind Kyle on his Big Wheel.

Day 129

Kyle and I took Bingo for a walk over to the river.

Day 128

Kyle eating some cheez-its before bedtime. It's one of the few foods he'll eat on a regular basis.


Day 127

Troy hates getting his picture taken, which is why I don't have many of him in this album. Sometimes I just have to catch him a little off guard.

Day 126

Day 125

When we told Kyle we were going to see Hermann the German, he said, "I need my sword!" But when we got there, all his armor wasn't enough to make him feel very brave. He kept his eyes closed and cried as we tried to get him to go a little closer to the statue. This is as close as he would get.

Day 124

Kyle didn't want to go to bed. I post so many happy pictures of him, I thought I'd show his other side.


Day 121

I have not worn my wedding ring on my finger since October because I needed it resized. I've been wearing it on a chain on my neck instead. But I finally got it resized and picked it up today. It feels so good to have it back on my finger.

Day 120

We have a bird's nest in our garage. Getting this picture involved climbing on a ladder, which freaks me out completely. I could only climb three steps and then hold the camera over my head and hope for the best. I just couldn't get myself to climb up even one more step.

Day 119

Loki in the bathtub, hoping for a drink from the magic faucet.