Soundtrack of My Life

I saw this on somebody else's blog, and I thought, "Hey, that would be cool to try!" And it was a lot of fun, but holy crap, I just have to say it took freakin' forever. Maybe if I weren't such a perfectionist, I could have done this more quickly. Oh well. It's not like I had anything else to do tonight. So the next time you have nothing to do on a Wednesday night, give this a try. Just consider yourself warned: it will suck up an entire evening.

Opening credits: I Love to See You Smile -- Randy Newman

Waking up: 9 to 5 -- Dolly Parton

Average day: I'm in a Hurry -- Alabama

First date: I Knew I Loved You -- Savage Garden

Falling in Love: Something So Right -- Paul Simon

Love Scene: Amazed -- Lone Star

Fight Scene: Kiss Off -- Violent Femmes

Breaking up: At This Moment -- Billy Vera

Long Night Alone: Against All Odds- Phil Collins

Getting Back Together: You May Be Right -- Billy Joel

Secret Love: Chances Are -- Bob Seger and Martina McBride

Life’s Okay: Days Like These -- Van Morrison

Mental Breakdown: Superman -- Five for Fighting

Driving: Born To Be Wild -- Steppenwolf

Soul Searching: Hey Jesus -- Indigo Girls (Honorable Mention: Cool Change -- Little River Band)

Learning A Lesson: True Colors -- Cyndi Lauper

Deep Thought: Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) -- Baz Luhrman

Flashback: In My Life -- Beatles

Partying: Too Shy -- Kajagoogoo

Happy Dance: Got My Mojo Working -- BB King

Training Montage: Rocky Theme (Gonna Fly Now)

Regretting: Wasted on the Way -- Crosby, Stills, and Nash

Death Scene: Dimming of the Day -- Richard Thompson

Closing Credits: Forever Young -- Bob Dylan

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