That's What I Want, Etsy Edition

Have you ever shopped at Etsy? If not, you are really missing out. So many unique and awesome handmade crafts and items. I can spend hours browsing through the galleries. True, I've never actually bought anything from there, but I really, really want to. And the prices are usually pretty reasonable too. Here is a small selection of what I covet.

Vulture Mug in Porcelain--$25 by laurawallstaylor

Doodled-on Indiana University Yearbook Purse--$28 by estarr

Bookshelf Pillowcase--$10 by makesomethingnew

4. Monster Fleece Fingerless Gloves/Wristwarmers--$22.99 by BoysenberryLane

5. Squirrel Vase--$48 by prettyrandomobjects

6. Foks--$58 by celapiu

7. Crazy Love Card--$3 by upup

8. Darla the Steering Wheel Buddy--$35 by PeculiarCreations

9. Catnip Eyeballs--$10 by hannapt

10. Looking Forward to Spring laptop skin--$24 by lilypang

11. Cat Collars--$11 by TheModernPet

A Major Award onesie--$18 by bambinamia

13. My Love print--$20 by vol25

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