Presents come from Christmas trees, don't they?

So Kyle's birthday is next Tuesday, October 7. He's going to be 4. How did this happen? He's my little baby! He can't be 4.

We're having his party on Saturday (which, by the way, was his original due date). For those of you who weren't invited (no offense--if you're in the area and want to come, let me know!), here is the invitation:
He actually requested the Wizard of Oz theme. How sweet is that? 

It's been fun getting ready for his party this year because he actually seems to get it this year. At least somewhat. For the last month, he's been pointing out toys and saying he will have them at his house after his birthday. I told him that he doesn't need a lot of toys, but now he just cuts me to the chase and says, "I need a lot of toys for my birthday. A lot of them."

This morning he told me, "My birthday is coming up and I will have a Christmas tree and lots of presents at my house!" He was actually disappointed when I tried to explain to him that there would be no tree. Then he repeated the Christmas tree claim to Troy, who also had to try to explain that there would be presents, but no tree until Christmas. The poor kid was still disappointed, but he finally said, "Oh. Okay. Presents!"

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