In Honor of My 34th Birthday, 34 Random Facts about Me

  1. I was born in a blizzard.
  2. I can't decide what my favorite color is.
  3. I plan to live my whole life without ever riding a rollercoaster.
  4. I don't drink alcohol.
  5. I hate driving, especially with other people in the car.
  6. I'd love to go on an African safari.
  7. If I didn't dye my hair, I'd be mostly gray.
  8. I love eggnog.
  9. I designed the homecoming button my junior year (at least I'm pretty sure it was junior year--all those years are starting to run together), but I misspelled Faribault (the opposing team) as "Fairibault", leading to much embarrassment. (ETA: Now that I found the button, I realized it was my senior year, not my junior year.)
  10. I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate (but I would never turn down any type of chocolate).
  11. I once saw five Broadway shows in four days.
  12. My major is in creative writing.
  13. My minor is in theatre arts.
  14. I used to have an imaginary friend named Thor.
  15. I was at the 7th game of the 1987 World Series when the Twins won.
  16. I love black licorice (and black jellybeans).
  17. My first job (not including babysitting) was at Tas-T-Shoppes, a small grill/cafe at a dying mall.
  18. I actually own a copy of the Brady Bunch cd.
  19. I was in love with the New Kids on the Block during junior high/high school. I saw them in concert several times (I can't remember the exact number anymore).
  20. Other bands/performers I have seen live: Billy Joel, the Monkees, Simon and Garfunkel, Sheryl Crow, Kenny G, Bob Dylan, Sting, Dixie Chicks, Indigo Girls, William Hung, Wayne Newton
  21. I was co-captain of the speech team in high school.
  22. I didn't go to prom because nobody asked me.
  23. I played the french horn in high school.
  24. I met my (future) husband on Halloween.
  25. I have worked for my present employer for almost nine years.
  26. I am very interested in graphic design and would love to take some classes.
  27. According to Wii Fit, I am very unbalanced.
  28. I am the youngest in my family.
  29. I used to have a huge birthmark on my forehead, but it faded.
  30. I miss my bright orange '72 VW bug with the rainbow sticker in the back.
  31. I would love to take piano lessons. I took them when I was much younger, and can still remember enough to figure out bits and pieces of songs. I can play the introductions to several songs, including "Piano Man," "Seasons of Love," "Desperado," and "Right Here Waiting for You."
  32. I don't like spicy food.
  33. Some day I hope to live in a house with a turret.
  34. Ever since my jaw surgery in 1998, I have had little to no feeling in my lower lip.

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