25 Random Things about Me

I know I just made a similar list for my birthday, but I got tagged so many times on Facebook so I decided to do another list. I tried not to duplicate any of the facts.
1. I have an irrational fear that I will accidentally walk into a men's restroom because I wasn't paying attention. Because of this, I will usually check the sign on a restroom door at least twice before entering.

2. I am allergic to penicillin.

3. I have a major phone phobia and will avoid using the phone at (almost) any cost.

4. In college, I rode the city bus to class a lot. I got bored and decided to memorize the Spanish translations on all the signs. As a result, I can say, "At the request of the driver or other authorized person, please vacate this seat for the elderly and physically disabled" in Spanish. I can also say, "Stand behind the yellow line when the bus is in motion" and "Pull the cord to indicate the driver to stop" in Spanish. I don't know any useful Spanish.

5. Even though I suck at most math, algebra has always come really easy to me.
6. I'm a good speller, but I have a hard time remembering how to spell "separate," "desperate," and "embarrass." In fact I had to look them up just now to make sure I spelled them correctly.

7. I don't like olives.

8. I have recurring nightmares that I am back in high school and I have forgotten to go to math class and/or band class for the entire year. Either that or I can't remember where my locker is, and even if I find it, I can't remember what the combination is.
9. I love to take naps.

10. My favorite kind of pop is Vanilla Coke.

11. I used to think U2's song "With or Without You" was "We Thought We Found You."

12. I hate playing board games. Absolutely hate them.

13. I think of myself as a pretty talented whistler.

14. I'd love to learn how to tap dance, but I really have no rhythm at all.

15. I hate biting into apples. They have to be sliced or I won't eat them.

16. Most of what I eat comes out of a box.

17. One of my favorite sounds in the whole wide world is the sound of my son giggling.

18. I'm convinced I will die in a car accident.

19. I can't resist paint chip samples at hardware stores. I have a drawer full of them.

20. My parents (and many of my other relatives) were teachers. As a result, I used to think that everybody had summers off. I still sometimes forget that I have to work during the summer. I catch myself planning summer projects.

21. I once won first prize ($2000) in a poetry contest.
22. I taught my son to say, "The dog did it!" after he farts, even though we don't even have a dog. It just cracks me up.

23. I can't resist Target.

24. I am horrible with money. My eyes just kind of glaze over when I try to understand anything to do with budgets, banking, investments, or insurance.

25. I spent way too much time obsessing over my answers for this list.

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