Day 44

Note to self: next time I don't pull the van all the way into the garage because there's a bike in the way and I'm too lazy to go and move it, remember to tell Troy about the situation so that he doesn't accidentally try to shut the garage door, because now we know that the garage door will not stop when it hits the van. (Oh, and maybe I should take the van to a car wash one of these days.)

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BeeARawFoodie said...

Ouch on the broken back window. Don't garage doors have that stop-rollback up sensor anymore? I hope you get it replaced soon... and I would not recommend a drive thru car wash with a hole that big...

In artsy news, its a great pic of the dark trees, then having to figure out - what - oh that's the broken part. It makes for an avant garde photo. Sad art has to be painful, and has to let all the cold air in.