I've been keeping a secret...

I've been keeping a secret for a few months now. Some of you know already, and I have put a few subtle hints out there (does anybody scroll to the bottom of my page?) but I decided it is time to share it with everyone.

Yep, that's right. Baby #2 is due 1.9.10. In these ultrasound pics, I was about 11 weeks. Sorry the pictures are so crappy. Our scanner is broken. I finally gave in and just took a picture of them. Don't worry if you can't really see anything. I can't either, but my doctor assures me there's a baby in there.

I am now almost 14 weeks. Hello, second trimester! I've been feeling really good. Occasionally queasy, but not sick like I was with Kyle. And I've been super tired, but then again, that's nothing new. I've been so nervous about having another miscarriage, but my doctor thinks we're out of the woods now. Whew!

So now that it's out in the open, I'll be keeping you posted about how everything is going!

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