Toots in a line

Yesterday morning as I was getting Kyle dressed, he farted. "Did you just toot?" I asked him. "Yeah," he giggled. "My toots are all waiting in line."

I also had an OB appointment yesterday. Everything looks good! This time he found the heartbeat right away with the doppler. We heard that beautiful sound beating away at 160 beats per minute. No ultrasound at this appointment, unfortunately. Dr. said my weight and blood pressure looked great. We scheduled my big ultrasound for August 10. That means I have about three weeks to decide whether I want to find out the gender. I'm torn. We didn't find out with Kyle, but I'm leaning toward finding out this time. Troy doesn't want to find out, but he said since I'm the one carrying the baby, I get 51% of the vote. Hmmm....

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