Painting with Kyle

Kyle has suddenly taken up painting. He has never showed much of an interest in the arts and crafts, much to my dismay, but in the past few days he has become a prolific painter, filling in dozens of coloring book pages with his unique painting style. I thought I would share some examples with you.

I'm so proud that he is starting to be mindful of what he is painting. He's actually trying to fill in the colors, instead of just randomly smearing blobs of paint on the paper. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

And here is a rather colorful day on the deep seas:

In this painting, note the addition of the sun in the upper left corner. He's always got such a sunny personality.

Okay, maybe not always:

I find this one a little more disturbing. He still added a sun in the corner, but there's something about the massive streaks of blood red and the purple zombie eyes. Maybe I'll save this one for his shrink.

But I just have to say: What is this image doing in a kids' coloring book, anyway? Maybe they wanted to help kids feel more comfortable around doctors and nurses. But am I the only one getting a Nurse Ratched vibe? "Be a good little boy and take your sedatives, or it's off to electrotherapy for you!" And where are her hands?

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