And Then a Bunch of Stuff Happened....

Um, yeah, like three years worth of stuff. 

Let's see... 
  • I had that baby. It turned out to be a girl, Eliza. She's pretty much full of awesome. Kyle went to kindergarten, then to first grade, and now he's getting ready to start second grade. He's pretty much full of awesome too. 
  • We went to Disneyworld a few times, and Vegas, and once to Omaha, Nebraska. 
  • I lost my job, but it ended up being a blessing because I've been able to stay home with Eliza. 
  • My mom got cancer. But she's doing mostly ok right now. You can read more about that here: Being Kathy Dorn or I'm so vain I probably think this blog is about me or here: Caring Bridge - Kathleen Dorn
Those are some of the major things. I know I'm forgetting something big, but there's really now way I'm going to be able to recap three years in one blog. So you'll just have to jump in with me where we are.

So what am I suddenly doing here after three years of absence? Well, Mr. Kyle, now 7 years old, has become a very good reader. And last night, he stumbled upon this little old blog. We sat together and read just about every entry, especially the ones about him. And he loved it. He insists that I write more. He was so adamant that he tried to physically block me from going to bed tonight before adding a blog entry. I went to bed anyway, but luckily for him I'm experiencing some insomnia, so I figured what the heck, I'll go type something up. 

And I'll be back. I plan to share pictures (Kyle wants me to do the photo-a-day thing, so we'll see how that goes), ramblings, funny stories, rants, and whatever else I feel like sharing. I hope you'll come along for the ride. 

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