Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign: Part 1

I'm on the lookout for little signs from Mom.

Last Friday, on our way back home from the hospital after Mom died, Dad noticed (because he always notices such things) that the price of gas was nearly 10 cents cheaper at a gas station on Madison Avenue than it was at the Kwik Trip behind Target. He drove past anyway, but then had second thoughts and went back. He's never one to pass up a good deal. After he filled up the tank and went inside to pay, he came back out with a slight smile on his face. There was a gas station attendant following close behind him. As he got back in the car, Dad said, "We got here just in time. She was just about to come out and change the price." Sure enough, the price increased right before our eyes.

Thanks, Mom, for stalling that attendant just long enough for Dad to get a good deal. Feel free to guide us to any other bargains.

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