The Stuff of Dreams

I just remembered two of my dreams from last night. In one, I was sitting next to Jerry Orbach at a broadway play. (Yes, I realize he is dead, and no, I haven't been watching old episodes of Law and Order.) We chatted for quite awhile before the show, and he gave me his business card so that when I was ready to move to New York and become a star, I could look him up and he'd get me a role. Then the show started, but after a few minutes, a red curtain came down, pausing the show. Everyone cheered. I had to ask Jerry what was going on, and he said it meant that we could move to better seats, kind of like a game of musical chairs. He moved up a few rows, but somehow I stayed in about the same place. I was so sad because I wasn't sitting next to my new friend Jerry Orbach anymore.

I don't remember much of the other dream other than that I was watching Jennifer Hudson perform. And I remember thinking how brave she was, to be out doing shows so soon after her mother, brother, and nephew were killed. And the sound system kept going out.

Hmmmm.... Interpretations, anyone?

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