What I Learned This Week

If you order a BLT sub at Subway, the L and the T are not implied. When they ask what you want on your sandwich, you have to be specific. I usually mention the lettuce and tomatoes, just in case. But it feels silly and redundant to request lettuce and tomatoes on a BLT. You don't need to specify that you want ham on your ham sandwich, do you? 

So the other day, when asked at the Subway drive-thru what I wanted on my BLT, feeling adventurous I simply answered, "mayo, pickles, and extra tomatoes." And that's how I found out that the bacon is implied. At least the sandwich had bacon. I'm not sure on the tomatoes--I may have just gotten the extra tomatoes but not the original allotment. And there was definitely no lettuce at all. 

If my little public service announcement saves even one person from a lettuce-less BLT, then my work here is done.

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