A whole crate full of cute

I found this link on the net, and it's so dang cute, I just have to share it. 

And I know I haven't posted anything personal lately, but I promise I will soon. So for those of you waiting for a Kyle fix, just hold your horses. And in the meantime, enjoy these puppies.

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BeeARawFoodie said...

Oh shucks. I've been watching the Shiba Inu pups since they were the size of your hand. I so have to get me a dog. And the comments people make on the puppy cam site -- its better than comedy central. Puppies and kids, watch out! They sure grow fast. I like your blog! Have to admit I'm taken aback about the Walmart and Buger King lifestyle (gasp, is this MEGAN, really). I won't lose sleep over it. Its just that, well we all change and forget to tell each other. *Hug* Its nice to have you back in my circle of friends. I may not have the whole wedded bliss and mommyhood thing to share, but ask Sara, I'm still a good person and I'm still friends with her despite my living in a jar!